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Blind Date Jam® is an exciting musical project to share with you. Let me attempt to explain it. Over the last 50 years, I've been involved with many different musical productions for TV, video, live performances and film. Traditionally and appropriately there is always a great degree of organization, rehearsal, preparation and pre-production detail that goes into these endeavors. During these rehearsals, there are inevitable breaks and down time while technical issues are sorted out. Often these require the musicians to stay put on the set, instruments in hand and wait. Occasionally one of the players will start a cool, off the cuff riff and others will join in, in an impromptu jam session that can be quite inspired. Of course, the audience never hears or sees this. Not burdened with arrangements, beginnings, ends or any type of required structure, these jams can be free, reckless and fun.

A number of years ago I was in a fantastic band that Patti Scialfa had put together to do some live TV performances. We were promoting a great album of Patti's songs that we had recorded with her. I was playing some B-3 organ which was big fun for me. Along with Steve Jordan, Willie Weeks, Mark Stewart and Cliff Carter, all fabulous musicians, we seemed to be quietly jamming a lot on TV sets while waiting for the next run-through. I was thrilled to be a part of such impromptu, special musical moments and it reminded me of many other moments like these, gone un-recorded and never shared. I kept thinking in the back of my mind that music fans would enjoy seeing this kind of interaction amongst great players.

So I started planning the "Blind Date Jam" sessions in the back of my mind. Where players get together with no rehearsal, no plan, no pre-production, and challenge themselves to jam on the spot and rely on years of musical experience and instinct to create something special. Just show up with your instruments, no plan but to improvise inspired music with friends for a couple hours, play free with no rules but to be your creative self, enjoy and express your musical gifts and go home. Not all musicians are comfortable with that type of jamming but I know many who are, including me.

So, here it is, a brand new eighty-minute jam that we recorded to capture the magic of the moment at Cattle Track Gallery in front of a very small group of friends. Featuring Greg Varlotta on guitar, keys, trumpet, trombone and tap dance, Gary Bruzzese on drums, John Willis on bass. You'll see me presenting ideas on the spot, talking through the chords briefly and launching in to each piece. It's primitive, rough and inspired jamming that I feel and hope you as music fans will enjoy. I hope some of you decide to check it out. If you try it and enjoy it, please spread the word for us as this is a grass roots, homegrown endeavor.

–Best & enjoy! Nils

The complete Blind Date Jam Session digital download consists of two movies, a total of 80 minutes of performances. Please make sure you have the current version of Quicktime to view the videos. Any problems contact Thanks!

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My first Blind Date Jam®
with Mike Smith on pedal steel
(award winning pedal steel viruoso, who has recorded and toured with Larry Gatlin, and the Gatlin Brothers, Hank Williams Jr., the Judds, Charlie Rick and many others)